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     Sweet corn is a popular vegetable known for its sweet, juicy kernels and nutrition value. This experiment was conducted to analysis the growth, yield and sugar content of different hybrid varieties of sweet corn. The experiment was laid out as a randomized complete block design (RCBD), 23 hybrid varieties and one check (24 treatments) with two replications. This experiment was conducted in Thailand from December, 8th, 2005 to February, 24th, 2006. There are several hybrid varieties of sweetcorn available that offer improved traits such as disease resistance, high yields, and enhanced flavor. Among the 23 hybrids and check tested for their yield, sweetness and horticultural characteristics, check (hybrid) has high yield with sugary enhanced. Among hybrids, SYX 6014 line has high marketable yield with sugary enhanced. Based on sweetness among 24 hybrids, SYX 6009, SYX 6016 and SYX 6025 are super sweet hybrids.


Hybrid Organoleptic Sweetcorn Sweetness Yield

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