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The experiment was conducted to determine the effects of feeding cinnamon powder on feed intake and weight gain of broiler chicks in the research farm of the Agriculture Faculty of  Kabul University. 48 one-day-old broiler chicks with an average initial body weight of 42.28 grams were used in a completely randomized design (CRD). Birds were caged in four groups and three replications. Groups included in this experiment were the 1st group( control) or G1 ( 0% cinnamon), 2nd group or G2 ( 2% cinnamon), the 3rd group or G3 ( 3% cinnamon)  and the 4th group or G4 (4% cinnamon). The birds were fed two times a day (the morning and evening). According to statistical analysis, there was a significant difference between groups in feed intake and weight gain. According to the LSD test, it was shown that the G4 group with 4% cinnamon powder had the highest feed intake compared to other groups. According to the  LSD test, it was shown that the  G4   had the highest weight gain compared to other groups. This is concluded that in comparison with the control group and other supplemented groups, the G4 group had the highest consumption of DM and weight gain.


Cinnamon Cinnamon, Feed intake, Average daily gain, Supplemented, Broiler chicks.

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