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Several pests attack the onion plant, but onion thrips (Thrips tabaci Lindeman) is considered one of the very important. The onion thrips is a polyphagous insect that is widespread on all continents and is recognized as a harmful economic pest of fields and greenhouse crops all around the world. Since onion thrips is one of the most important pests, therefore in this research applied chemical insecticide, botanical insecticide and insect entomopathogenic fungi for the management of onion thrips. In the present study two concentrations of Confidor (1cc/li and 1.5 cc/li), two concentrations of Datura (100% and 75%), and two concentrations of entomopathogenic fungi (108 and 107 conidia/mL) in RCBD-Factorial design were applied. The results of this research indicated that there was no significant difference between the treatments of Datura and the entomopathogenic fungi (Metarhizium anisopliea) and Confidor had a significant difference with Datura and the entomopathogenic fungi. In the same way there was no significant difference between the concentrations of Confeder and Datura, and there was a significant difference between the concentrations of the used entomopathogenic fungi. After statistical analysis of data, it was recognized that Confidor caused 97 percent, entomopathogenic fungi 47 percent and Datura 44 percent mortality.


Confidor Datura entomopathogenic fungi onion thrips

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